"Louise is amazing, compassionate, intelligent and gets results. After having counselling in the past, I thought I knew what it was, but Louise has a different approach that just works. She has a variety of techniques which not only help you deal with the issue at hand, but also provide you with tools to use in the future. If you are looking for a counsellor who is really going to make a difference, then that is Louise."


"I went to see Louise as a 55-year-old struggling with my relationship with my Mum. I was embarrassed I felt like this at my age but at my wits end, especially as it was affecting my marriage. Louise immediately made me feel totally at ease and within minutes diagnosed the reason for my Mum's behaviour. A true light bulb moment! From that point on, everything became more manageable. Louise suggested practical ideas to work on the issues I was experiencing. Louise also suggested a great book which further expanded on the reasons she had explained about why Mum did what she did. Knowing I wasn't alone and reading about other people in similar situations helped me so much. I left each session with an action plan and determined to be able to report success back to Louise.. and I usually did. If I had slipped, we talked about why and I went away to try again. 2 years on I returned to Louise after allowing my resolve to slip due to feeling sorry for my Mum in the Covid world. Louise has quickly put me back on track and I'm stronger than ever. My friends are amazed at how I have changed and ask me for tips! Louise is approachable, friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable, insightful, practical and realistic. I have no hesitation in recommending Louise."


"My therapist Louise Watson was amazing. Very compassionate, extremely smart and insightful. Has a great array of techniques and approaches to help her clients and was able to tailor her therapy to my issues to get a life changing result when previous therapists had only been able to give me a partial improvement."


"Louise is a psychologist that I worked with for a number of weeks. I was suffering with anxiety and depression that had accumulated, resulting in me being unable to work. Louise has a very collaborative approach that not only encourages but develops an interaction that, when unopposed, helps you to help yourself as well as being helped. I looked for a long time for the right psychologist as I didn't want a 'tea and sympathy' type approach. It was important for me to get better, not get comfort. With Louise's therapy I am learning to deal with my challenges and I will be forever grateful for that. Louise was definitely the psychologist for me!"


"Louise is a different kind of counsellor. Rather than just nodding sagely and sympathising during our sessions, which has been my previous experience of counselling, she challenges you to think about what you did, or said, in order to understand more about your reactions to events. Her approach is refreshing and it works. I feel more able to handle my own emotions than ever before, and adding to that her coaching on how to handle other people's emotions has improved my relationships with my husband and my work colleagues."


"I sought therapy following a relationship breakdown and also because of issues associated with being black and adopted into a white family. Prior to counselling, I experienced burning pangs of anxiety and panic attacks. I struggled to find employment. I felt completely overwhelmed and lacking in confidence to tackle key aspects of my life. Louise helped me to move on from issues associated with the past, notably my fears around confrontation, my lack of confidence, over eating and drinking issues. Louise empowered me to take control of my life and value myself. I have techniques that I use to manage alcohol and food, and to clearly communicate my needs, which means I no longer feel frustrated or angry. I have a job, feel in control and happy."


"In 2009 having been advised by my GP to try CBT after a panic attack and feeling that I wasn't coping well with my rising levels of anxiety I was lucky to find Louise. From the first of my weekly meetings she was able to help me manage my anxiety and stress with a balance of active, practical techniques whilst also working through my thoughts and previous experiences to help me understand why I reacted anxiously to certain situations. I was able to quickly bring my anxiety levels under control - the impact on my tension headaches was particularly dramatic and the relief immense. Since completing my sessions with Louise I have used the various techniques she taught me many times, particularly in episodes of stress that normally would have quickly escalated to panic or feelings of extreme anxiety. I have also been able to more clearly understand how I can control my thinking and behaviour to deal with stressful situations in a more productive and less anxious way - a long term fix that has really been satisfying to have in my mental armoury."


"I wasn't sure what to expect from counselling and a big part of me was sceptical about it initially. But after the first session I felt much more relaxed and totally comfortable in talking to Louise about my issues. The counselling with Louise gave me the skills to keep on top of life's problems and to keep things in perspective. I would whole heartedly recommend Louise to anyone seeking counselling."


"I was a little apprehensive about talking openly to someone but the sessions were so well-structured that this quickly wasn't an issue. Louise's approach makes you feel relaxed and calm, helping to highlight any issues and deal with them positively. I benefited considerably from talking things through with Louise and it really helped me to move forward with my life."


"I always left sessions feeling lighter and more positive about my situation. Louise was empathetic and respectful, and helped me to see things with greater clarity and perspective. I found her experience and knowledge of my particular difficulties insightful - I now have a greater understanding of the nature of my difficulties and with Louise's support, I've developed a range of coping strategies and feel much happier as a result."


"My sessions with Louise provided much needed support in addressing my OCD and anxieties. Louise has a relaxed but very professional approach and she showed a good depth of knowledge and understanding of the issues. She was able to explain thinking patterns, explore alternative ways of thinking and challenge my beliefs. I found CBT a very effective remedy."